The Giordani Company has worked in construction and real estate markets since 1946. After nearly seventy years, the Company is an Italian real estate landmark, with a recognized expertise in Italy.

Over a decade of exposure to the changing markets of construction and renovation, led the firm to expand its range of services, to better serve needs that had gone unmet. Examples include advisory services in the sale and leasing of properties both in Italy and abroad, or the effective management of real estate assets on behalf of third parties.

In 2013, to further expand services, Federico Ranuzzi de’ Bianchi joined the firm, bringing with him specific experience in sales and the legal field, as well as excellent interpersonal skills.

Our real estate agency, official  partner of Nomisma, is specialized in real estate sales and rentals. It offers the following services:

•Real Estate sales consulting (including fiscal and financial assistance) in Italy and abroad

•Inheritance estimates and appraisals, including hereditary divisions

•Contract consulting, both legal and notary

•Cadastral and construction assistance

•Construction renovation consulting, pre and post-sales

•Property finding services in Italy and abroad

•Advertising and promotion through major trade journals and the Internet

•Home staging

Languages spoken: English, Italian, and French.